Welcome to Rockers Pizzeria


Company Mission

Rockers Pizzeria is intended to be a wholesome space for all. The atmosphere borders vintage and rock culture themes, as both exhibit the aesthetic and interests Jon and Arielle share. It was paramount that the environment is clean, intriguing, and easy on the eyes, nothing too extreme, yet nothing too boorish. We aren’t upscale, we aren’t modern, we just want to be that ol’ pizza place in town.


Our Story

Jon and Arielle hail from opposite sides of the country, Jon, from Philadelphia, and Arielle, also known as Ace, from San Francisco. They met in Vermont in 2010. After living in Burlington for 6 years, they moved to the town of Ferrisburgh, with their daughter, Riley, in tow, in 2015.


Jon and Arielle have thought about opening a restaurant for a while. They both commuted to Burlington for work up until recently, which isn’t uncommon, but working minutes from home sounded better. Their chance to open Rockers arose quite suddenly and suited the need for something that just wasn’t here: a pizza place. It was time to make a change, a big one, one that would change their lives and build friendships close to home. Their willingness to rise above the trials of the age is something they knew would benefit the community in which they live.


Jon worked as a mechanic for 25 years. He is incredibly skilled, fair-minded, and is attuned with several aspects of how things work. With Jon's sociable nature and business sense, Rockers will be a well-oiled machine. Arielle has worked with pizza for 14 years, and as fate would have it, her experience will serve her well.  Her work ethic and loyalty are her strongest attributes. She’s ready for anything.







We are excited to be able to bring traditional pizza to Vergennes, something that many have been waiting for.

Are you ready?